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We Help People Live a Life of Fulfilment, Purpose + Freedom


We both specialise in different things;

Amelia – Transformation + Self-Love Coach

Lucy – Business Coach

Together, we primarily coach women ready to Unlock their Potential, find Fulfilment, Purpose + Create a life of Freedom.

We do this by sharing the tools and knowledge we’ve  found on our own journey to get these things in our lives. Below are the options to work together…

Ways To Work With Us

Workshops & Events

We run regular in-person workshops and events (online + offline). These range from Transformation Workshops, to Business Workshops.

Click the link below to check out the upcoming workshops 

Self Love + Transformation Course

This 6-week course is the woman who is looking for;

A life of fulfilment, find your true self, self love, grow your confidence and gain clarity on your path forward

Soul Journey: Find Your Soul Purpose

This is a deep 3-month journey, for the woman who wants to;

Unlock her potential, find her soul purpose and gain the confidence + trust to step into it.

Business Mastermind: Find your Purpose + Create a 6-Figure, Freedom Business

This is a 12-month program for born leaders who are:

Ready to unlock their potential, find their true purpose, step into it and create a 6-figure business serving others in your gifts that gives you a life of ultimate freedom!

This is the whole journey, to get you to where you are now (in a job wanting more) to the life of your dreams.

Client Results

Having visionaries come along to share this stuff, it's life changing!

- Molly Garcias

This was a fork in the road. This work has changed my life!

- Felicity Ey

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