Why Personal Development & Mindset Alone Will Never Get You The Success You Are Looking For

I spent 24 months of my life day in and day out commitment to my personal development journey. Listening to personal development and mindset podcasts👂 reading Personal development books 📚 and buying Personal development courses.

I got hooked on the concept that… “My thinking forms my reality and my reality forms my life”… So if I uplevel my thinking, I will uplevel my life.

I created a hectic daily routine…. 

530 – wake up
535 – do gratitude in my diary for 20 mins
555 – journal on my desires, visualise them and feel them already being my reality
615 – exercise
730 – Do wim-hof breathing before I jump into a cold ocean, cold shower or ice bath.
800 – listen/read a podcast/book

More than 3 hours later I was pumped and ready to start my day.

Due to the above routine, I definitely got more work done than I would have by waking up later, jumping in the shower and then straight away starting my day.

But after some time of doing this consistently, I realised I hadn’t actually progressed much.

Especially in relation to the time, energy and commitment I’d put in, with an expectation of exponential results.

By the time the vail lifted, I felt robbed.

I started deeply reflecting on how much i’d been sacrificing to do this. How many evenings i’d chosen to come home early instead of spending the time with friends and loved ones. How much fun i’d sacrificed. How much this had gotten in the way of my intimate relationships.

I felt angry 😡
I felt frustrated 😫
I was pissed off 🤬

I felt like all these personal development, mindset ‘gurus’ had sold me a lie.

Around the time of this ‘Pop’ I was living in Bali and a Balinese master synchronistically found his way into my life.

At this point, I didn’t know much about anything to do with this kind of guidance or coaching. But it felt like the right thing to do at the time, so I opened up the connection.

After a few short connections with him, it was all finally made much clearer.

How could I move forward into something better, if the old programs that were installed in me hadn’t been fully deactivated or cleared? 🤷‍♀️

How could I make any significant change when my automatic response, if something didn’t go my way, was to blame others and step back into victim mentality? 🤦‍♀️

The anger + frustration were the signs within me of the clearing I needed to do to properly install the new ‘software’ that would get me to the next stage of growth. The stage I had been doing everything I possibly knew how, at that time, to achieve.

Once this old chestnut cracked, I spent the following year (2019) focused on properly deactivating and clearing these old programs.

And since, it’s become so blatantly clear what’s actually going on…

💫 If you have a deep desire and drive within, it’s there for a reason. This is your soul talking. You may feel a strong inner knowing that you have a purpose and/or a mission in this life and deep down you feel like you’re failing (this was the whole reason I went so hard into my personal development journey in the beginning).

The truth is Personal Development and Mindset alone will NEVER get you there.

After reading hundreds of books, listening to hundreds of videos and audio from the most successful, influential people in the world. Whether they be speakers, entrepreneurs, spiritual masters they all mastered the balance of these 4 core things to get there…

1. Mind 🧠 The mental psychology.

Awareness of the power of their mind and the skills to navigate the most beneficial neurological path for their outcome.

2. Heart ❤️ – The emotional life.

Even with a bulletproof mind you can’t and won’t go far if your heart is full of anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment or fear. How can you produce amazing ideas and have amazing relationships if toxic feelings are constantly coming up? Holding on to this is what keeps us stuck in the past.

3. Physical + Health 💪 – Prioritising one’s health and fitness.

This gives us the ability to think clearly and have the energy to fulfil whatever we’re being called to do. The longer we live and the more energy we have the more we get to experience and achieve in this beautiful life.

4. Soul  – The spiritual connection to one’s self.

This doesn’t mean woo-woo spiritual, dancing naked in trees 🧚 (the depiction of faux-spirituality) or religion. We are all spiritual beings here on Earth having a physical experience. The soul is the core part of us that allows us to tap into our courage and compassion within us. This is the place that it all started. We come into this world and are taught and moulded to become more of what this damaged place wants us to be. Balancing the time to reconnect back to our soul and to remember who we are before all this programming, is where those miraculous ideas inspirations and passions are found and ignited.

In reflection, it has become apparently clear through my experience and over time that just working on one’s mindset will never deliver the fullness of one’s full sovereignty, one’s full power or truly allow you to express your full genius.

Balance is key ⚖️❤️

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