Saturday’s with us…

Written By Lucy Prebble

February 8, 2022

I used to hate cooking.

But now I love my Saturday’s mornings with my Queen, where I get to cook her breakfast, put on our favourite playlist 🎵 and see her smile while she sits down and reads her book.

Its really important to know what makes your partner happy and what makes them feel true love.

Because this is different for everyone.

Lucy’s main love language is acts of service so whenever I go out of my way to serve her, she feels so loved.

I hate cooking (she loves food)
I hate rubbing her back (she loves a 30 minute back rub 🤯🤣)
I hate washing up (she loves a clean house)

And to be honest it’s not really what I love, nor what I value.

At the beginning of our relationship I used to do what would make me feel happy. She never really appreciated it and it never got the response I wanted. (Sometimes leading me to feel deflated cause I was trying but it wasn’t good enough).

I know we share such an incredible deep love and appreciate for each other and life because we understand what each other needs to feel love, support + seen.

Understanding my Queen has allowed our love to deepen beyond words and our relationship to grow into it’s highest version. Which I’m so blessed for.

Sometimes it’s easy to show love in ways that you appreciate although we need to tune into our loved ones to understand them so we can share that deeper connection we desire.

If you want to know your love language and your partners I’ve added the link to the…

👉Free 5 Love Language Test below👇

Simple but total game changer.

❤️ to your love and happiness x

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