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About Us

We created Queens that Bridge in 2018 after both having a life changing awakening…

We had the money, cars and clothes, but our souls were still dying inside. We both knew we we here for more, so we went on the search to create a life that was aligned in all ways…

Amelia Jones

Transformation + Life Coach

Master coach, qualified in 13 different modalities, Amelia is a visionary and pillar of transformation and love. Overcoming drug, alcohol, gambling, and food addictions, as well as sexual abuse at a young age. Never feeling loved or accepted for who she was. This drove her to create The Internal System to overcome any block and trauma so everyone can express their true self and be seen in the world.

Lucy Prebble

BBus + Business Coach

11 years of experience working in the trenches with coaches and consultants around the globe. From her poor upbringing Lucy became obsessed with finding a reliable, consistent way to make money by sharing your knowledge and create a life on your own terms. She’s worked with over 100 coaches to grow to multiple 6 + 7-figure businesses (including 2 of her own). Lucy’s created The External System to get any coach or consultant to 6-figures and beyond.

Here’s How Get Unstuck & UNLOCK Your Highest POTENTIAL

Here is the roadmaps we’ve created, guaranteed to do that (where ever you currently are)

The Rapid Transformation System used by 2,567 people around the world to overcome any block, trauma and pain from the past holding them back from their potential


The 6-Figure Coach System used to scale 100+ coaches and consultant to 6+ Figures in as little as 12 months, so they can share their message and have a bigger impact on the planet


The Bridge To Get You From

Where You Currently Are To Where You Want To Be…

Client Results

Having visionaries come along to share this stuff, it's life changing!

- Molly Garcias

This was a fork in the road. This work has changed my life!

- Felicity Ey

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