Our Love Story

Written By Lucy Prebble

June 18, 2019

Not all love stories are like on the movies, but this one’s worth telling…

10 months ago i declared to the universe the EXACT type of soul I was calling in for love. You know that sacred soul mission type of love πŸ€—

Throughout this month, many things shifted in my life…

I’d started the inwards journey, which in fact actually lead to an outwards journey πŸ˜‚ (rookie error take it from me, you won’t find what your looking for on the outside – it all resides within).

I was feeling so unfilled and empty.

So, in despair I asked my soul “What Do you want soul?”

…and she replied “Go to Egypt for 1 month, Bali for 2…”

I GOT GOOSE BUMPS (trust them, they’re a good sign).

So I followed the call.

I Gave up everything, packed my bags and began the journey (sometimes you just gotta trust that shit and go for it).


So back to the love story lol…

I’d just landed in Bali after a massive spirtual pilgrimage in Egypt (at this point I didnt know who I was again, all the illusions shattered πŸ€―).

Crazy enough, I got the download to get t
Tinder lol (good old tinder)…


1. for those if you who don’t know what Tinder is – it’s a cheeky dating app*

2. For those who wonder what a download is, to me, it’s receiving a message that resonates with my intuition*

I swiped right πŸ˜œ

And then…

You asked me when my birthday was i replied 20th July.

You said πŸ’₯SAMEπŸ’₯

You asked me what was my life purpose? (Straight to the point in our first chats πŸ€£)… God i love that about you.

You said πŸ’₯SAMEπŸ’₯

You asked me to write down my top 20 things i wanted to see and contribute in the world…

And YEP (we couldnt believe it), they were the exact πŸ’₯SAMEπŸ’₯

Like NO WAY.

Something is definitely going on here πŸ€”


I got another download “Give Lucy the crystal”… This is a beautiful blue Egyptian crystal given to me as a gift by a beautiful, now, friend. But, I didn’t even know her… I said NO. Lol.

Then 2 days later i got the same message. But this time the energy behind the message was so strong, I left in the middle of a massage to drive to her (well where I thought she may be as she was travelling back from Thailand).

Sure enough I arrived in the area I thought she may be (stalkerish i know😏).

I saw she was online, after her flight home and i called her… Here’s how the convo went down…

“Hi it’s Amelia, now i don’t know if you’re spiritual or not, but i got this message that I must give you this crystal urgently. I have no idea why, or if you’ll ever talk to me again because of this craziness, but this is what I was strongly guided to do”.

Her response πŸ˜‚

“Wow thats so epic I’m not surprised, everyone seems to be tappin’ in these days, where about’s are you? I’ll come pick you up!”

Lol and that was the start to our Love story…

The synchronicities were unbelievable and continue to blow us away daily.

The crystal ended up being very special to Lucy, it holds her sacred data and knowledge..

It turns out Lucy and I were destined to meet. Something special has ignited within us, since coming together.

Our souls play the same song πŸŽ΅ (something between dirty ghetto hip-hop and a heart frequency πŸ˜‚).

Fast forward 7 months and Lucy and I have started a business together, serving out our divine mission in life to help humanity πŸ’«πŸŒ

Now, some of you may think I’ve lost it.

Some of you may think its beautiful.

Some of you definitely may think it’s crazy and thats OK – LOL πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—

But this is a true story…

My life wouldn’t be as magical as it is now if I hadn’t of taken the leap of faith.

Have courage and be brave.

Trust yourself – you have ALL the answers.

Honour your souls calling.

AND know…


LOVE always finds a way and when we surrender our minds to what we think it should look like, only then can the full manifestation come in.

And believe me, it’s beyond our minds comprehension πŸ’•

Have the courage to follow your heart, for it is the guiding compass of your soul.

Stay open to LOVE beautiful hearts.

You never know what the universe has planned for youΒ πŸ˜‰

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