How I Went From Working in a Supermarket to Living My Life Purpose, Mission + Creating a Soul-Aligned Business in 2 Years

2 years ago, Amelia was working at a supermarket.

…and Lucy was called ‘The least vulnerable person alive’.

This is our story…

Do you know in your heart that you’re here to serve a Purpose and a Mission in this lifetime? 

Do you know in your heart that you’re destined for true love in this life?

Do you believe in miracles?

Cool, keep reading…

Divine Love + Mission + Purpose + Soul-Aligned Business

Before we met each other we were working every day on something that didn’t fulfil us… 

Both of us would lay in bed at night frustrated, feeling that we were sent here for more… 

We knew we weren’t reaching our potential.

We’d had the success, $10k+ months, material comforts, worked super hard for what we “thought” we wanted.

This couldn’t be all we were sent here for right??!

Still, that deep desire in our bellies kept pushing us for more… 

Days turned into months our soul calling got louder and louder.

Thoughts of confusion, fear of failing, doubt and uncertainty tried to suffocate us at the thought of following this unknown calling…

BUT both our souls screamed to let everything we’d build go, leave it all behind… and take the plunge..

Truth is, We had no idea how we’d find our Soul Mission + Purpose that was calling us so deeply. 

Our minds tried to create every situation possible to block us…

“How are you going to afford this?”

“What will my family think?”

“Is this even what I’m supposed to be doing? “

“Can I seriously l leave it all behind?”

“How can I even know I’ll reach my destination” 

I won’t lie, it was a risk.

There were so many logical things that said don’t do it. I mean there wasn’t even a clear path.. lol

We were crazy… 

Thoughts running through our minds continuously… 

“Hey I’m successful now, good career, good money, I’m comfortable”. 

Then, why do I feel like this?

Then the piercing moment hit us.

As we leaned into starting to plan out how to do this… Our soul spoke deeper.

“Will you be happy if you stay like this in 5 years time?”

The answer… “NO WAY…”

We took the leap. 

Little did we know we were doing this at almost the same time and going through the exact same things (classical twin flame sync). 

Amelia’s soul spoke Egypt for 1 month, then Bali for 2… 

In the same month, Lucy’s guidance was to pack up her life up in New Zealand and go live the freedom lifestyle in Bali. Off she went…

BOOM… the universe synchronicity aligned us to meet in BALI.

Tinder was the first contact 🤣

But at that moment we met and looked into each other’s eyes, love was birthed. A deep remembrance took place…

Twin flames…



We started to remember our Mission (although at that point still had no way of knowing how to serve it). 

We started to remember our past lives. 

Something unbelievable was taking place.

24 hours later a Balinese master was waiting for us.. and yep he had the answer we had both been searching everywhere for…

To sacredly sign up and activate our Mission + Purpose…

To be honest, when we heard about this it seemed way too good to be true.

We were in awe that this even existed. It seems like a miracle. #divinesyncronicity

The date was set. 

We prepared daily with rituals and processes for 3 months, for the commitment and journey we were about to embark on. 

Then, we officially signed up for our Mission and Purpose…. 

Within 4 hours it was complete. 

We looked at each other and at the beautiful Balinese Masters who facilitated it, smiled and it was done.

We were finally on the path we knew we were sent here for!!

Our families and friends didn’t understand our choices, they thought us leaving the comfort of our lives, then doing this process all sounded very intense. 

But our souls were completely satisfied with our choices. 

We waited for the Universe to bring us our Mission…

We waited for a while and nothing happening…

“Hmmm… ok Universe…. lol”

Pretty soon the penny dropped.

Everything fell away, our business, our money, we gave it all up to follow the signs. 

Friends suggested we get ‘normal jobs’ to bring in money, as we really had risked it all. 

We started to question how we were going to live month to month, even week to week.

AH SH*T. Have we made the right choice.? 

So many emotions and nervous stirring. 

We weren’t reaping any of the rewards we thought we would from going all in. 

This whole thing felt like a massive mistake. 

We deeply questioned our choice but still, our soul & hearts gently told us this is exactly where we needed to be.

We had to trust ourselves and surrender deeper into the journey. 

We lost the money, success even all the people we had around us. 

All we had was each other and a faint hope that this was the path forward.

We were expecting things on a silver platter🤣. 

We got served up quite the contrary.

2 weeks after the ceremony we got separated and both had to go home to attend to family issues. 

Our darkest dawning crept in…

Both confronting serious family trouble, no money, childhood trauma surfacing, deepest wounds emerging, being separated, a few clients but no energy to serve..

This was the darkest time to date.

It took a few months for us to come back together. At that stage, every credit card was maxed out and we were on the verge of bankruptcy.

At one point we only had access to ONLY $16.12

Then, we tried to create a business from our minds with little hope… 

We both spent days crying feeling, feeling like we had failed.

At this point, wishing we never did that ceremony. 

“Give us our old lives back…”

The only thing keeping us going was that love we had for each other (although that wasn’t always sunshine and roses either).

Losing all our business, money, no energy or inspiration, self-doubt, fear – we felt like we couldn’t escape it. Like this would never end.

We had truly burned all our boats and watched them go up in flames.

We’d got so low that we stopped trying to hold on and figure it out. 

We had no more energy.

We surrendered.

Then we reflected on the past 12 months and our soul guided us to go back to basics.

To create a simple plan and use what had given us the biggest shifts and results.

Who would have thought, all this would be our biggest blessings and our treasure?

A few months later it lead us to The Bridging Method™.

A simple 4-step process, to have all your heart desires, basically without going through all the crazy-town, torture we did to find it.

We made a change. 

Went back to basics. 



We did everything to raise our vibration and align us back to the miracles we had experienced so many times.

We realised we were WAY out of balance. 

That we had relied too much on the spiritual signs. But we were living in the physical world.

We needed to connect back to the physical.

Then, a miracle happened.

We were at our only two friends house, sharing our sadness and despair about our life and finances.

We shared that we had been asked to speak at Mt Shasta in the USA. 

They believed so deeply in our Mission that they PAID for us to go (this was 36 hours before that event started).

12 hours later, we were on a flight to San Francisco. 

We couldn’t deny the synchronicity.

We were asked to speak on our Mission + Purpose. Of course 🤣

After the event, things started to move quickly in the right direction. Step by step the guidance and path started becoming much clearer.

We realised we had gone through all these lessons and experiences to give others the exact process they needed to get on there Mission + Purpose as well. 

WITHOUT making all the mistakes and having to go through the mess we went through. 

When this lightbulb went off, we knew we had to share.

We ran an online training, shared our stories, the lessons we’d learnt and showed people a clear path forward. 

We made $35,000 that day and it was made pretty clear that we were finally on the right path.

Then over the next few months, more miracles started rolling in…

~ 💫 We got clearer on the formula to activate and live in your life Purpose + Mission…

~ 💫 Started having $10k + Months in our Mentoring Business

~ 💫 Our higher gifts came in and we have been able to adapt our business to serve others with them

~ 💫 Every day we experience deep levels of happiness, peace + joy

~ 💫 Full freedom to travel and work where and when we want – well we did until COVID attempted to strip all our travel freedom 😉

~ 💫 We are having deeper levels of remembrance of who we are and why we are here

~ 💫 Experiencing harmony and deep relationships with our Family + Friends

~ 💫 Are being asked to speak and present globally to share our story and our process

~ 💫 We are experiencing true love

We committed 2 years, and every waking (and some sleeping) moments to find this formula and we nearly went bankrupt in the process.

We did most of our searching for this process in the dark. 

At times, the only thing we had to hold on too was blind faith and the deep, inner knowing we were on the right path. 

We took many turns we would never recommend, and a few we wish we’d found much sooner. 

In a moment, the penny dropped that in the searching, we realised we were sent here to find it ourselves and share with others who are also looking.

One thing we are certain of now if we can do it without a roadmap in 2 years…

If you are committed, you sure can, with using the map we’ve created.

With far less pain and much quicker…

Our main purpose now is to be of service to you.

To provide more insights, stories, tools and knowledge to support you, wherever you are on your path to find the answers. 

So you too can live the life you were sent here for.

Because right now, the world needs you.

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