Its Time To Live The Life You Were Sent Here For

How We Can Help You

People spend their whole lives looking for their mission and purpose. Their dream, to create a life of freedom, fulfilment, abundance and serve others while doing it.

We searched for 16 (combined) years for the answer. We’ve travelled the globe, tried more than 1,000 different processes, activations, systems and tools. We’ve been mentored by indigenous masters in Bali, Egypt and Peru and finally found the answer.

We now help other souls who are looking do what we have. 

Find their true mission, purpose then use their soul gifts, experience and knowledge to build a thriving, heart-centred business that’s aligned to serve others.

We now have the privilege of sharing the roadmap, to help you do the same.

About Lucy & Millie

When Lucy was 13 she started her first business on the school yard.

At 12 Amelia was helping alter mindsets + defuse conflict on the playground.

17 years later, they’ve both overcome childhood trauma, nearly went bankrupt trying to find their mission and purpose and are now using their soul gifts to help people from all over the world do the same. By using the road-map they discovered in the process.

Today, they primarily mentor coaches and aspiring coaches who are committed to step into their life purpose, mission and expand their soul gifts, to serve others.

They are highly regarded around the globe, regularly presenting and being interviewed by conscious communities and at New Earth educatation focused, events.

When It Comes To Life & Business

This Is What We Value…


It takes a lot of commitment to find and serve your soul mission and purpose. We believe, if you aren’t fully committed to the cause, you won’t get the results your heart has been guiding you too and searching for.  A commitment to do the work that’s required (internally and externally) on a daily basis is the key to success on this path and we believe it is for all wanting to live the life they were sent here for.


We believe this is where the fulfilment we all seek is hidden. Pablo Picasso once said…

“Our purpose in life is to find our purpose. Once we’ve found it, it is to give it away.”

Everyone has a story to tell, experiences they’ve overcome and knowledge to share to contribute to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling world for all.


We are all here to experience freedom. Humanity has been manipulated by higher powers who don’t have the highest intentions. It is time to break the restraints and the control that has lead to lives of unfulfillment, superiority and disconnection. When you step into your mission, purpose and create a business in alignment, this will bring you freedom, fulfilment and all the abundance your soul desires.

Our Method To Align To Your Mission, Purpose & Business

The Bridging Method™ is the proven 4-step roadmap to activate your true life purpose, mission + create a thriving, heart-centred business that’s aligned. Created from testing 1,000+ tools, activations, and processes to find the answers. Wherever you are, this method will give you the path to live the life you were sent here for.

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