Giving Back

We stood on the shoulders of giants to get to where we are

That’s why we are committed to give back to those who gave to us and continue to support our growth and those of our clients

How We Give Back

Balinese Communities


Funds To Local Balinese Villages

It is part of our mission to share and give back to the local communities that have supported the changes in our life and development. 

As an offering of our gratitude for all the ancient indigenous Balinese have taught us, we give back a percentage of all proceeds to the local Masters, communities and lands of Bali.

Local Businesses


Funds To Local Businesses + Alliances

As part of our business, we have created a 'Win-Win' business system. Through this system we are committed to support local businesses. We do this through aligning, sharing resources and people, so all three parties are winning #winwin

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