Hobart  |  Tue, 14th June  |  7pm

An 3-hour Evening Release Ceremony to clear all that no longer serves you, let go of anxiety, stress and get clarity on your direction forward, true self + your souls purpose

~ Meditation
~ Fire Release
~ Cacao Ceremony
~ Ancient Balinese Philosophy
~ Personalised Soul Guidance

Join us for an evening of connection (to your soul and like-minded women) and a sacred ceremony to connect you back to your highest alignment in all areas of life

Is this for you?

This is for you are A Women who's...

Open to the universe...
Want to connect deeper to your soul...
Want to release blocks holding you back...
Want to connect into who you really are and your potential or purpose
Feel like you're at a crossroad in your life...
Looking for more (don’t know where to find it)...
​Feel stuck or directionless in life...

Hi beautiful...

If we don't know each other, I'm Milly, I've worked with over 2,500 women to help them connect back to their true selves and their soul.

The addiction and abuse I suffered at a young age left me feeling disconnected and lost. 5 years ago, I'd had enough and I went to find the answers to find true happiness, inner peace and my purpose in life. To find the answers I'll be sharing with you I've...

~ Spent $150K+ work with the world's best coaches
~ 4+ years studying Ancient Balinese Philosophers + Astrology
~ Tried over 1,000 different tools and strategies
~ Qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner), Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Theta Healer
~ Master Channel, studied in Ancient Egypt (The Seven Initiations of Enlightenment)
~ Obsessively studied Quantum Physics & Neuroscience

Now I'm living in my soul purpose and serving others with my gifts to help women all over the world connect back to their soul.

Here's what you'll be getting...

The 3-hour Full Moon Ceremony includes...

🌘 Full moon release and burning ceremony
🌘 Cacao Ceremony (intention setting to the universe)
🌘 Meditation session
🌘 Ancient balinese soul guidance (to clear trauma and connect back into your purpose, soul + guidance)
🌘  Manifesting + Intention Setting
🌘 Activating your true self
🌘 Deeper soul connection
🌘 Learn what's happening in the world and how to use this energy to fast track your manifestations
🌘 Upgrade your energy
🌘 Upgrade and come back into alignment
🌘 Connect to your guides and angels
🌘 Connect with a like-minded community of women

What People are saying about us..
"I've found out who I am on this journey. I finally have clarity on my purpose and path forward! I always knew there was more to life but I didn’t know how to access it until I went on this journey"  - Alice
"I know why I'm here now. I've always wanted to help people, I just didn't know how. Now I know in what way" - Georgi

Join us for the upcoming Full Moon Ceremony...

Tue, 14th June @ 7pm - 10pm
The Ramada Resort, Seven Mile Beach, Hobart, Tasmania

Full Moon Ceremony Tickets

$88 per person

 Bring a Friend 1/2 Price

NOTE: Each ticket includes a Ceremonial Cacao

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