From Self Judgement to Freedom

Written By Lucy Prebble

March 6, 2021

Now I Truly Love Myself..


For many years self Judgement kept me Living a lie. 

For many years I struggled to express myself. 

In all honesty, deep down I struggled to understand who I TRULY was and what I wanted in life.

I struggled with what other people may think and say of me.

A lot of the time, I would do things just to make other people happy.

Every day,  I would look into a mirror and never think I looked ‘beautiful’ enough. 

Speaking my truth wasn’t even a thing, up until 3 year ago, because I didn’t even really have one, I just rolled with everyone else. 

I did course after course stacked achievement after achievement and still could feel happy about my success or life (this is a great clue about what you seek, actually laying within you).

Truth and the way I felt about myself had me living a life in shame… in fear… in worry… in self hate cycles that I couldn’t accept or love myself. 

It was Deep.

I was afraid to be myself.

I was afraid to be seen.

I was afraid of rejection.

It trapped me from knowing my true self.

It cut me off from my gifts, passions and love for life.

It made me believe that other peoples way of living was more important than what my soul actually wanted.

It made me live a lie that didn’t even feel good.

I always felt like something was missing, that I was never good enough and bad for wanting a WAY different life to what I’d been shown.

After searching for happiness and purpose in many external things (cars, shoes, food – you name it I’ve been there).

My life path lead me to the inner journey.

Where I got to go explore the truth of me.

Where I got to peel back all the layers.

Where I got to heal and make peace with the past hurts.

Where I got to rediscover and redesign the True me… however I wanted.

Where I got to get RID of anything that wasn’t in alignment with my true self. Any self doubt, limiting beliefs,  negative talk, self judgement, stored trauma, self-esteem issues.

Where i got to create clarity on the life path I ACTUALLY wanted to walk.

Where I found my passions and fulfilment.

Where I found my true authentic self and was able to love her and express her into the world.

Where I was able to transform ANY part of my life that didn’t feel true to me any more.

Where I created a life of inner freedom and love with myself and all relationships.

Where I created a life that is worth living (to me)  and own every part of it.

Where I was able to be the best version me. 

Where I was able to look my self in the mirror and say, “I LOVE YOU AMELIA JONES”.

After that, I even met the love of my life.

This process was life changing for me.

It’s been my process over the past 3 years and now I want to help others move through it with far less pain and with support.

These beautiful challenges have lead me to my biggest gift, to be able to help others.

I help people transform their lives. 

To find their true self, self love, true fulfilment + freedom just as I have. 

If this journey resonates and you’re ready to do the same, I’m running a  1day workshop Sunday 28th March.

There are only a few tickets left. Will you be one of those beautiful women?

Love Millie 

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