For The Sacred New Earth Leaders Who Are Stepping Into Their Service

Written By Lucy Prebble

March 27, 2020

From my Heart to yours

To The Sacred New Earth Leaders…

We all incarnated here with a Purpose…

With a Mission…

We all have been through many incarnations and soul lessons to prepare us for this time.

If you’re alive at this point in humanities evolution and you’re reading this post – you are a New Earth Leader.

You were sent here with gifts that only your soul knows how to bring forth.

You were sent here to help anchor the New age of love and light.

You were sent here to guide the other soul who you made contracts with.

You were sent here to clear your karma and heal your ancestral lines.

You were sent here to heal and purify your soul and your body temple.

You were sent here for sacred experiences, beyond your mind’s comprehension.

You were sent here to remember who you are.

You were sent here to remember who WE are as a human race.

You were sent here to step into your truest most authentic self.

You were sent here to stand FOR and IN the name of LOVE.

You were sent here to lead from your HEART the most powerful gateway in the universe.

You were sent here to be activated and acknowledged for your divinity.

You were sent here to help Humanity and Mother Earth ascend.

You were Sent here to come together with your soul pod and connect to the universal mission.

It doesn’t matter.

Who you are…
Where you’ve been…
What you’ve done…
Where you’re at…
Where you’re from…

All we care about is NOW.

We care about your missions.
We care about your purpose here on earth.
We care about your healing and purifying.
We care about our New Earth template.
We care about anchoring in LOVE & LIGHT.
We care about restoring our Mother.
We care about our children and the generations to come.
We care about ALL of our brothers and sisters.
We care about ALL living things.
We care about ALL animals and plants.
We care about the lost sacred knowledge that must be remembered & bought forward.
We care about reuniting with each and every one of you who made this sacred agreement.

You see this isn’t about me…

This isn’t about you…

This is about US.

It’s about ONENESS.

It’s about coming together in the name of LIGHT to help each other through this time.

It’s about remembering our truest nature.

It’s about honouring one another, no matter the difference.

It’s about honouring our Mother Earth and Cosmic Father Sky alignment.

It’s about lifting one another up and supporting the RISE UP.

It’s about creating safe spaces for each other to heal, rise, love, upgrade our consciousness and vibration.

It’s about all of us owing our own sovereignty and the power within that.

It’s about us using our gifts and coming together with other New Earth leaders, to help put the pieces to this MASSIVE universal puzzle together.

A calling beyond us ALL.

Some of us have gifts that are New for humanity! There is no guide book for what you’re here to do dear one. You know who you are.

We must take it upon ourselves be our own guiding compass.

To be our own sovereign leader.

To be in our truest expression and live from the soul.

To live in alignment with the laws of nature and the cosmic laws of the universe.

To do the inner work and clearing so we can access the knowledge that lies within the HEARTS & SOULS.

We must speak, act and guide from a place of LOVE – no matter the circumstances.

To all The Sacred New Earth Leaders…

To you reading this post.

We love you…
We see you….
We honour you…

I need you.

You need me.

We all need ONE.

Let’s stand in the name of LIGHT together and bring this planet home 🌍

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