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Upcoming Events

Full Moon Ceremony

Tue, 14th June 2022 | Hobart, Tas | Ramada Resort, Seven Mile Beach

For Woman who are wanting to connect deeper into who they truly are and their soul. 

You’re invited to join us on the upcoming full moon, for a 3-hour ceremony full of connection, breakthroughs and releasing anything that no longer serves you.

The combination of ancient philosophy, science and somatic tools will connect you back to your highest self, while connecting with a likeminded community of women.

Women Transformation: 1-Day Workshop

COMING SOON | Hobart, Tas | Ramada Resort, Seven Mile Beach

For Woman who want to unlock their confidence, potential and find their true self, create a life of fulfilment + break through all that’s holding them back.

You’re invited to join us for a full day of transformation, connection + empowerment. You will leave with full clarity on how to unlock your potential, and a path forward to create fulfilment in all areas of your life. Get the tools and a step-by-step plan, tailored to you to step into the life you truly want to be living every-day (no matter where you are currently)

The Rapid Transformation 6-Week Program

Do you want to find your true self, self love, grow your confidence, overcome any trauma, triggers or blocks holding you back so you can step into your highest potential, get clarity on your path forward and create a life of fulfillment? A 6-week TRANSFORMATIONAL experience to restructure every area of your life – for good.

You’re invited to work with us, personally and with a group of like minded souls to show you a different way to live your life that is more fulfilling, inspiring and purposeful.

The New Earth Leaders 7 Day Bali Retreat

NOV 2022* T.B.C (Covid Travel permitting) | Bali, Indonesia

An Invitation to join us for a 7 Day Sacred Journey to Bali, Indonesia. Throughout this journey we will be working with the local Ancient Indigenous, Balinese Masters to learn the Ancient tools and knowledge to unlock your potential, connect you back to yourself and your Purpose