Meet Lucy & Millie

Our Purpose is to; Help people to live a life of Fulfilment, Purpose, Freedom + Service.


Degrees + Qualifications


Continents travelled to find these answers


Resources, processes, courses, coaches, tools and strategies tried

How Are We Different?

We’ve tried it all

Everything we teach we’ve tried and it’s worked for us. These tools and strategies took us 10+ years to find and we’ve put them together to shortcut the process for you. We are living a life of Fulfilment, Purpose + Freedom and are here to show you how to as well.

We combine Personal Growth, Soul Purpose + Business

Personal growth and the connection to the soul is the catalyst for the most impactful business success. Whether someone works with us just to better their quality of life or their business, the principals are the same

We’ve trained with Eastern Philosophers

We have been trained and granted permission to use ancient tools that have been used for centuries to unlock your soul purpose and step into who you are here to be. We give back to these local lands who have supported our development and continue to support our clients

Mille is the Transformation Coach, Lucy is the Business Coach

Both having complete opposite qualifications and gifts. Millie genius is solving inner fulfilment, finding your true self and soul purpose. Lucy’s genius is in business. Creating structures, systems and processes to build + amplify someone’s business success. Together we have merged, using both our superpowers to help with it all.

About Us

Amelia Jones

Self Love + Transformational Coach 

Hi, I’m Amelia (my friends call me Millie) and my purpose in life is to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives and unlock their potential.

My journey has been a massive roller coaster, spanning some of the most amazing (and some of the hardest) experiences in the world.

In the past 10 years I’ve struggled with a lot of addiction and abuse. Everything from… alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, smoking, relationships – you name it I’ve been there.

I had everything we all strive to achieve – the car, the wardrobe, the 6-figure career, but I was so unfulfilled. 

It took me riding off my new 32 day old BWM to have the wake up call to realise I couldn’t live like this anymore and I had to find another way.

I travelled 6 continents to find the answers, tried over 1,000 different things in the attempt to find fulfilment and purpose in my life. 

Throughout the process I studied or got qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Personal Training, Psychology (+ Psychology of Eating) Courses, Sociology, Channelling Certificates, Ancient Balinese Indigenous Healing License, Tarot Courses, Psychology (+ Psychology of Eating) Courses, Business Management, Theta Healing Practitioner, I’ve run a million-dollar department and a had a successful network marketing company. 

All amazing experiences but none of these things bought me the true fulfilment and meaning I was seeking.

I searched so far beyond myself in everything I could and would find myself even more lost and in even more in debt. After years of full-time searching, it finally clicked and I’ve found all that I was looking for! I found the answers and I now my purpose is to share them with the world.

Lucy Prebble

Business Coach + Systemizer

10 years ago I began this journey, fresh out of my business degree. After a childhood full of abandonment and witnessing those I love constantly self-sabotage, I wanted to create my own security and prove myself. I did this by working 70+ hours per week, pushing my way to create a 6-figure business for myself by 25 and turning multiple coaching and consulting businesses from $0 to million dollar companies.

Over the years I’ve worked with clients who have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Guardian, BBC, ABC, The Sunday Telegraph, plus many more…

After 6 years of working for myself, working with some of the world’s top coaches + consultants one-on-one, I found myself burnt out and frustrated I couldn’t help more people – I was unfulfilled.

I realised I had more in me to give. But I needed to make a shift. Instead of doing what everyone else was doing, I needed to find my passion, unlock my potential and put the work that light up my soul into the world.

I became obsessed with figuring out how to have it all; Fulfilment, Purpose and a 6-figure Business that gave me Freedom. I’d built a 6-figure business, but one I was stuck working in every day doing things I didn’t enjoy.

At this time I met Milly and we started scouring the globe for the answers, we were both coached by some of the worlds best and trained with Ancient Eastern Philosophers. Through this journey, I realised my clients had the most radical success when I tried tactics that were a mixed with world-class strategies, internal mindset shifts and a few unorthodox ways of doing things.

This was the SWEET spot. The spot people would have to put 10,000+ hours into figuring outI became dedicated to focusing my life in this area in my life and helping others use these strategies to achieve this too.

My purpose is to support the creation of a new education system on the planet. One that shortcuts the journey for others by giving them the systems, strategies and tools to have true Fulfilment, find their Purpose and build and life and/or business that gives them ultimate freedom and impact.

Our Values


We believe all humans are here to experience true inner and outer freedom. External freedom can only come once we’ve done the inner work. Once we are free from our programs and past conditioning we can create whatever we want in our lives, relationships and/or business.

Soul Purpose

We believe everyone has a purpose on the planet. Once you strip back the programming from your past, you step into your potential + find your soul purpose. When we connect back to our true self, we ignite the fulfilment we’ve been looking for. Through this process you find your true soul purpose and what you are here to be and achieve.

Service to Others

We believe the most fulfilment anyone can have in life, is through helping others re-discover their own find happiness and fulfilment.

We’re committed to working with others who are committed to live happier, healthier lives and as an on flow effect, make the lives of those around them better too.

Fun Facts

Here’s Some Crazy Stuff We’ve Done To Find These Answers


📈 I built a 7 figure business from the ground up by 23

📈 I built my own 6 figure business alone, by the age of 25

✈️ I lived the remote/freedom lifestyle for 2 years

💭 I sold everything I owned in 7 days, to find my purpose, live a freedom lifestyle and chase live my dreams

🧑‍🎓 I was suspended from high-school 5 times in 2 months and sent to a ‘naughty kids’ school

📷 When I was 16 I came top in the country (New Zealand) for photography

🙅‍♀️ Was offered 3 million dollar opportunities and said NO to all of them because I knew they weren’t my purpose 



♾️ I quit my job and sold everything I owned to go on a 3 month pilgrimage to Egypt + Bali to find my purpose (my soul wouldn’t let me not)

💰 In 6 months of being in a MLM company I hit world team, was a top 10 distributor in Australia + had a downline of 50 people – I walked away from it because I knew it wasn’t my purpose to sell other people’s stuff

🚘 I got a brand new $120,000 BWM and rode it off 32 days

⏱️ I ran a multi-million dollar department for 3 years

🪄I let the universe know what I wanted in a partner and within 30 days I instantly manifested her (she was EVERYTHING I asked for)

Our Love Story

Everyone loves a good love story 😉

After both of us went all-in on the search to find our own purpose, Tinder played our matchmaker.

We met in the land of Bali, Indonesia.

It didn’t take long till we learnt…
– We shared the same birthday
– Had the same life purpose and;
– On our first meeting, we both wrote down the Top 10 things we wanted to see and contribute in the world ~ and we both had the exact same list… In the same order!

After that, we realised something bigger was actually going on…

Two years later, we’ve found our purpose and are working together, traveling the world sharing the information we found to others, so they can have the same.

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